5 favorite moments from Doha 2015


Now that world championships are over for another year it’s time to get some much needed rest and recovery as the focus shifts 100% towards the rio Paralympic Games which are only 300 days to go.

But before we look forward I wanted to share some of my favorite
Moments from Doha,

Just note, that I my be a little biased! In no particular order

1, the women’s t42 long jump, obviously for anyone who knows me realises that I have a personal connection to this event with my girlfriend Vanessa Low, one of the contenders. With Vanessa and the Italian competitor joint world record holders at the beginning of the event, it was going to be a great battle. After round one the Italian held a good lead, but from round two Vanessa lept over the world record, and held the lead and extending the distance on a number of attempts, to take the gold, this was amazing to see, she was battling with a few things in the lead up to world champs and was finding it difficult to get her run up right, but the big lesson to learn was that even when things aren’t always going your way, believing in you ability and finding a way to preform and win, is a sign of a true champion, and this is what she did, it was well deserved, as I believe no one has worked harder over the past two years to be able to achieve this.

2. Chad Perris in the t13 200m, not his preferred event, and he had already picked up a bronze in the 100m so really, the pressure was off, the race was one of the most exciting events I have ever seen, as Perris Stormed home from mid pack to win the silver medal, and given another 5 meters would have claimed the gold. This was proof again that without pressure, expectations and just having fun , athletes can run exceptionally fast. And this is what he did and why it is in my favorites,

3, Brett Laktos, t53 800m, as sprinters, we sometimes fail to really understand the tactics in a middle distance race, I am sure they are worthwhile and valuable, but Brett through the tactics out the window, he knew how fast he could go and when the gun went he put the head down and hit the splits he knew he could do, reminded me of the way david rudusiha races, if you want to beat me you have to run fast and keep up, Brett blew away the field in the first 200m, and maintained the lead all the way till the end, was awesome to watch.

4. Arnu Fouries silver in the t44 100m don’t get me wrong richard Browne running that fast was incredible. But Arnu against the odds, with a really thought couple of years was able to put a really good race together an break the 11 second barrier for the first time, it is testament to his character and his dedication to be the best he can possibly be. I really love it when someone as genuine as he is, is reward with the success they deserve.

5. The Australian team, I have been apart of 4 athletics teams over the years, and this one was the best one I have been in. there was a good mix of youth and experience, the atmosphere around the team was super positive, there was just great unity within the team, and it really was a pleasure to be apart of. It is exciting time to be an Australian paralympian and with a successful championship and with some experience to come back into the team, another 300 days of training, with the unity of this team, we are looking fantastic leading into rio.

If you missed anything from Doha 2015 head to my website, and watch the reply of my races, and it will redirect you to the IPC YouTube page were all the action is.



It was truly amazing to win my second Athletics World Championship!

It was also a very special night for lovely lady who coaches me, Iryna Dvoskina, this gold was her 50th championship medal for Australia, in only 12 years, super impressive. It is a credit to her coaching to be able to extract the best out of us, she truly is ‪beyond incredible‬.

Thanks again for all the support around the globe, feeling so much love right now.

If you missed it (or want to see it again, haha) all of the videos are down below.

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2015 IPC World Championships – Doha, Qatar

Scott Reardon 2015 World Championships Doha


The 2015 IPC World Championships are here!

I’ve finally arrived in Doha, it’s been an amazing experience, we’ve worked hard to get here and I’m pumped to have shared the journey with you.

Below you’ll find all the details you’ll need to join the experience in Doha.


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Over the weekend I took another step toward to achieving a major goal, running  Sub 25sec for the 200m. This race was so close completing this goal 25.01sec.  A whisker in it, Super happy, personal bests don’t come around often, Grateful I have the a fantastic team around me to help me be as fast as possible.

Sometimes You Have to Look Back, to See How Far You’ve Come.

teamreardo scott reardo

If you don’t see yourself as a winner, then you cannot perform as a winner. – Zig Ziglar

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A Childhood Dream…

Have you ever caught yourself pondering what it would be like to be the best in the world at something?

To be part of something so big that you could only dream about. Making my way through primary school there was more time spent dreaming about donning the green and gold before tearing onto the Rugby League field or sprinting down the athletics track with the world’s best by my side, then doing actual school work. There is no hiding the fact that I was more athletic than academic in life, the best part of school was recess and lunch, where I could kick around with my friends and burn some energy.  This dream of being the world’s best was always with me, it didn’t matter what I was doing I was always so competitive. Read more