Scott Reardon




In a Flash, My dreams were shattered.


When I Lost the lower half of my leg in an accident, my visions of representing Australia seemed to be destroyed in the blink of an eye. When faced with this situation I had to make a choice, Hide from the world or take it as a challenge and attack it head on.

It didn’t take long to decide, this was only going to be a diversion in my dream. I was keen to push past this inconvenience and ensure that my life would go on. 

Playing for the Kangaroos was out of the question, but there had to be a other options to fulfil my dream – That’s when my real story begun.




The Power of the mind.

For the past ten years I have travelled the country presenting to major organisations such BlueScope steel, Downer Group, Delta agribusiness and the Australian Federal Police, to name a few.

I specialise in Resilience, Workplace Safety and High Performance and have an abundance of life experience in each area. 

Combining this experience and my learnings from other worlds best coaches and leaders, I’ve also developed my resilience program “The Power Of The Mind”. 

Which teaches proven strategies to enhance your mental resilience in all areas of your life. 

My mission:

To inspire and enable all walks of life, from student to businessman, to elite athlete and the everyday Mums and Dads, the tools to be able to deal with adversities and live a happier and more fulfilled life. 

The way we think determines how we act, and I believe that nothing ever happens to us, it only ever happens for us.

 I aim to challenge the way we think daily, to become better versions of ourselves.


Encouraging a growth mindset

Multiple Championships victories

Thanks to a amazing team


Yeah, you. My team

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